What does the Bible say about paying taxes?


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Mini Joshua Eicher

From the 20+ years of going to church, it seems that most christians care more about what the Bible says rather than what it actually means. It seems that the christian community as a whole, plays word games with the Bible, only adding confusion to the whole thing. The reason why they say everybody should obey all authorities in all things, is because "the bible says so". And the reason why they say everybody has to pay all taxes is because "the bible says so."

So many of the same christians add "unless they make you sin" even though the Bible does not make that distinction. They also add "what the corrupt leaders do with our tax money is not our responsibility" even though the Bible does not make that distinction either. So what exactly am I supposed to make of this? Tossing the Bible around like this only adds confusion. So to be realistic, I can't help but be objective.

If we are going to apply the bible to our lives based on what it says or doesn't say, how do we explain taking advantage of tax breaks, or tax deductions, or tax write-offs. Again, adding more confusion. How do we explain anything we do in this modern age? Although Jesus said.....'Give unto ceaser what is ceaser's.....", Jesus didn't say, Give unto your leader, or president, or prime minister, or pharaoh, or dictator, what belongs to him. So, do I have the right to use the Bible to justify paying all taxes? In fact, we could consider that the following words do not appear in any version of the Bible as well: federal, social security, disability, insurance, vacation, unemployment, police, sheriff, president, etc. So, what do I make of this? In all honestly, how can we possibly justify all these things with the Bible?

__Almost everything__ we "believe" about our modern government system and modern culture is not supported by the Bible. If fact, God's Holy Word highly speaks against most of what we believe and except of our modern world system and culture, and the ideas/concepts of such things.

The only reason why we should obey all authorities in all things is when we agree to their terms and conditions with our signature of approval. But again, God's Word strongly speaks against the world's system and anyone who supports them.

Our first step is to realize and admit the bondage we are in. The second step is to diligently seek the Lord for answers to freeing ourselves from the world's system.

It is written,
-Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers; what fellowship/agreement does Light have with darkness, or Holiness with unholiness?
-How can two walk together unless they be agreed.
-You cannot serve two masters.
-Choose this day whom you will serve.
-Abstain/run away from anything that appears to be evil.
-Do not be conformed to this world's system, but be ye transformed by renewing your mind.
-......and anyone who supports people that do these things, will not inherit the kingdom of God.

How can I possibly use the Bible to justify supporting the world's system in all it's wickedness and corruption?

Does anybody have any answers?

I'm only speaking from my own personal experience.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless

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