How can I trust God when I am facing unemployment, foreclosure, or bankruptcy?


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Data Bradley Eldridge

I am encouraged by this question and this answer, as it reflects exactly my current circumstances by all three. Loss of employment, jeopardy of my mortgage, and inability to be a part of meeting the monetary needs of support for my family. As I struggle with concern for how I will get through this, and fear I may not be doing things right in getting past this, indeed I do never the less know that the length of time it is taking, and the apparent fact I may not rebound economically to the level I have become accustomed, is a part of what the Lord is doing in my life to humble, strengthen, and bring myself, and my family where we need to be as clay in his hand being moulded and formed into his plan for our existence.

July 13 2015 Report

Data Stella Dugar

I just want to encourage you, because I just went through a similar situation. I lost my place of residence August 30, then my job Oct 30, 2015. I am now homeless, and as I prayed The Holy Spirit brought to mind the story of the widow of Zarephath 1 Kings 17. I pondered over it and I gave all the little money I had to church. Actually my account was overdrawn. I cried out to the Lord from that Sunday till Wednesday when I got a call for a permanent job. Read Isaiah 45:11-13.

He is a Faithful God so Trust Him.

December 01 2015 Report

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