Are the seven Catholic sacraments biblical?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
"Sacraments are outward signs of inward grace, instituted by Christ for our sanctification" (taken from the Catholic Encyclopedia). The Roman Catholic Church teaches that while God gives grace to m...

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Data Bud Zack
To understand the Roman Catholic sacraments, let's look at them individually...

Baptism. Aka "baby sprinkling." Is not Biblical. In being baptized, the baptized must first repent of their sin. A baby can not do this, thus it is no more than a Roman dedication.

Penance. Aka Confession. We are told to be accountable to each other, so in a secondary way, confession is good. However, repentance is only to be given to the One who was sinned against, which is God. (See Psalm 51 where David says "Only against You have I sinned.") The priest claims to be equal to Christ, in forgiving sin.

The Eucharist. Aka Communion. The main issue here is the doctrine of Transubstantiation, where the bread and wine are literally changed into the actual body and blood of Jesus. This is not Biblical. It did not become Roman dogma until 1215 A.D. at the 4th Lateran Council by Pope Innocent III. (who loved to make up rules.) Also the priest claims to be able to reach into heaven and pull Jesus down to sacrifice Him every mass. And if you don't believe this the Council of Trent #15 (see also #22) pronounces you anathema. (cast violently into hell.) 

Confirmation- This is simply a Roman dedication. The issue here is that they believe the Roman Church is what makes up the true Church... Actually it is the individually saved person who is the part of the whole of Christ's Church.

Anointing of the sick- last rights. The anointing is mostly the ongoing problem of the priest taking equal authority as Christ. On Larry King live, one priest actually declared "how wonderful It is to be another Christ." This is truly what they believe. Last rights is another of their "works" based rituals. There is a real issue with how long after one dies that they can still receive the last rights, or it is straight to (the imaginary) purgatory. At one time it was 3 hours. Then 3 days. I think it is up to 3 months now, but that is not certain. What is certain is that we are saved once for all time, so it is a useless ceremony.

Holy Orders. The problem of the amount of authority is the main issue here.

Matrimony. I simply call this marriage, and let it go.

So, by my count, 6 of the 7 are not Biblical.

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
Yes. ALL seven sacraments of the Catholic Church are biblical. 

1. Baptism - John 3:5
2. Penance - John 20:23
3. Eucharist - Luke 22:19
4. Confirmation - Acts 10:38
5. Anointing of the sick - James 5:14
6) Holy Orders - John 13:8
7) Matrimony - Matthew 19:6

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Data Marlin Vrbas
What does it mean to be "Biblical?" What is Biblical is that the early Church, at the time of the Apostles, showed that matters of doctrine were to be decided by Councils made up of Church representatives, i.e. Bishops. It was a Council that decided which books would be included in the Canon. Those books say that Jesus did many things that were not written down in the Bible or anywhere else, and that believers are to hold on to the traditions, which includes things that were not written down but have been handed down by Apostolic succession.

I have found it useful to take the same questions that I used to ask in a skeptical way during my years as a fundamentalist, and ask them in a positive way to get answers from people who know. So now I have scripture, sacraments AND salvation!

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Dscf2034 Peter ANDERSON Retired I.T.
I say they are all biblical but the manner of baptism can certainly be questioned. This is an area where more evangelical churches would seem to be more biblical -- full immersion for individuals have knowingly accepted Christ as their savior. However, they drove me back to the R.C. church for reasons I will not elaborate upon out of consideration for others. We will spend eternity together so we should learn to get along now!

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