Does the Bible give any one individual spiritual authority over another individual?


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Mini James Kraft

Preachers should be accountable to the Lord and the flock they serve. Otherwise they can become corrupt. If given to much power over the flock they can lead them astray and some become cults. Power corrupts in churches the same way it does anywhere else.

If the people in the church do not read their bibles it is easy to be led to believe something the bible does not clearly teach. In those cases preachers can sometimes start preaching the doctrines and commandments of men, that are not from God. Only those that are learned in discerning the word of God and have the Holy Spirit can discern truth from error.

We are not out to win a popularity contest, but to stay with what the bible says is sin. When preachers stay with the word of God, we should support them. But when they stray from it in word or deed, we should rebuke them and if they do not repent, leave.

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Mini James Kraft

But the leadership is not to Lord it over the laity. Some have become cults where the leader becomes the head over all and leads the flock astray.

We are not to just blindly follow any leader that strays from the word of God. And there are those that twist scripture without understanding that take a few verses here or there and make a doctrine out of it.

No one should stay in a church that is not preaching the truth of Gods word with discernment and dividing the word of God correctly. We already have to many wolves in sheeps clothing that are devouring the flock.

To many churches become clubs instead of a spiritual organisms. To many churches are more interested in their building program than feeding the flock. To many are more interested in money, than they should be.

Those that are preaching the gospel and bringing believers to spiritual maturity with patience and love are going to reap the benefits of their preaching. Those that pick at every little thing are going to reap what they sow.

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