Where did we get our Bible?

For example, can someone please give me a crash-course in Bible history, how the Bible came to be?

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
The Bible came to be through God Himself -- a holy (sinless), eternal, spiritual, three-personed Being who has always existed -- inspiring (or speaking directly to) those who wrote its contents to record the information (down to the exact wording in the original languages) that He wanted all of humanity to know to bring glory to Himself by informing them about:

-- Himself and His nature; 
-- how and why the universe and earth's inhabitants originated;
-- the origin of evil, sin, suffering, and death in the world;
-- how He wanted humans to act to conform to His own 
righteous character;
-- His continued love for humanity despite its rebellion against 
-- His involvement in human history from its beginning; 
-- what would happen in the near or distant future (prophecy), 
with the most important event being His own incarnation in 
the Person of His Son (Jesus) to make it possible for humans 
to live forever in His presence through faith in Jesus' sinless 
life, sacrificial death on their behalf, and subsequent 
-- what believers are to tell others with regard to obtaining the 
same salvation that they possess; and
-- what will take place at the close of the present temporal age 
(whenever it may occur).

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Mini Shirley H Wife, mother, veteran in the spiritual war we all face!
The Bible was given to men by God's own Spirit. 

After Jesus and the disciples walked the earth, there was a desire to offer the Bible to everyone. 

The Latin Bible came first to England. However, every man should be able to understand God's words. Science and church dictum was to be laid aside. Scholarship must be understandable. 

Opposition was everywhere. John Wycliffe was persecuted for exchanging Latin for English. His slogan was "Back to Christ." John was a dangerous man because he also said, "Each man damned, shall be damned by his own guilt, and each man saved, by his own merit!" No, Only Jesus is the Way!

William Tyndale was martyred because his translation was from Hebrew to Greek. He wanted a version that every person could understand. For all his effort he was martyred on October 6, 1536.

After that came Coverdale, the Matthew Bible, the Great Bible, the Geneva Bible, the Bishop Bible etc., etc, etc...

Finally the King James, The Revised versions, the Living Translations...too many to list.

The age of freedom and scientific scholarship demand almost any translation you can imagine: mens bible, women's bible, kids, teens, baby...

More importantly, no Bible does anyone any good unless they study it and form a relationship with God!

Would that Gods flaming Spirit would light hungry hearts!

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
Translation history

William Tyndale’s New Testament became the first printed part of the Protestant Bible translated directly from Hebrew and Greek. 

1526 Tyndale NT - 1537 Matthews Bible - 1611 King James

https://thebiblemuseum.com › Featured

Our Rare & Antique Bible Showroom (Open 24/7/365) offers the world's largest for-sale collection of ancient Bibles. There is 1 left: 1526 Tyndale NT – 1537 Matthews Bible – 1611 King James – Original KJV Leaf

My cousin and his wife recently visited this hidden Bible Museum in Arizona, my home state! My sister and her husband, living in the area did not even know that it was there! It is in Goodyear, Arizona. Neither did I, and I lived in southest Arizona for 18 years!

At the time, it was illegal to translate the Bible into a vernacular language, although Tyndale did so anyway to make the Bible more accessible for reading. Because of this, he was executed by the Catholic Church in 1536, prior to the completion of his Bible translation. Miles Coverdale completed the translation for him, finishing the first ever complete translation of the Bible in English. 

The Coverdale Bible was on sale at the hidden Bible Museum in Goodyear, Arizona: 1535 Coverdale: First Printed English Bible

1535 Coverdale Bible, the first ever printed English translation of the Bible. Shirley mentioned this. It is now sold out.

1537 Matthew’s Bible
Only $300,000.00!

•	Version: Tyndale / Matthews / Coverdale
•	Age Range: 1501 to 1559
•	Size Range: Lectern Folios (11”-15” Tall)
•	Appraisal Value: Call For Details
•	OT Title Page: 1537
•	NT Title Page: 1537
•	Place of Printing: England & Europe
•	Actual Size: 14.5 x 10 x 3
•	Font: Gothic (Black Letter)
•	Other Features: End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf


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