Is heaven sexless (Matthew 22:30)?


Matthew 22:30

ESV - 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

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Image william arnold

The purpose of sex is for procreation. What would be the purpose?

February 07 2024 Report

Mini Daniel Veler

If a person understands why we have procreation today and why there will be none in the new earth, then you’re halfway there in understanding this mystery. You see, the Lord created a place called the sea. Within the scriptures we are told the kings that are represented in the first beast all came up from the sea. That means the Roman Empire and others were born into this world, just like all of us.

The purpose of procreation was to bring forth God’s will in fulfilling all those names written in his book of life, which were written before the foundation of the world. Once all things are fulfilled according to God’s will, then the end will come.

Now as for the new earth, we are told there is no more sea. In other words, all things will be complete and there is no more to be born. The mystery of the sea even goes deeper than this if you have a mind of wisdom. Study what is written in Revelation concerning the sea.

March 20 2024 Report

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