Why is sexual purity so important?


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Mini Rudolph Ferreira

I also think that because of the fact that sex is also creating a spiritual bond between people having sex(Gen2:24 and they shall be one flesh) the sins of the persons having sex are transferred to one another,as well as the iniquities of their forefathers which were not confessed,thus making them impure

December 04 2013 Report

Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell

Wow, Rudolph.... That's an amazing insight. I did hear an STD medic say that too, in that "When you have sex with one person you are sleeping with everyone else they have been with."

February 21 2014 Report

Mini Lee Blake

Sexual purity strengthens the marriage bond and thereby helps parents raise well balanced confident children, the basis for a strong society.

August 05 2016 Report

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