How should a Christian man respond if his wife doesn't like sex?


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Mini Amy S
I am not an expert, just speaking as a woman and a wife and what I would want. Sex for a woman is way more mental than physical. There are also other factors that could be at play here, like shame surrounding sex depending on her upbringing, or, is there physical discomfort during sex? If it doesn't feel good then she certainly won't look forward to it. So, explore that first. Don't be afraid to talk to her and explore the topic openly.

The other thing I wonder is if she is feeling fulfilled. A lot of the time a woman is overwhelmed with the housework, children and generally being a caretaker of everyone. That leaves no room for sexual feelings. Pay attention to that. Are you helping with the housework, even if you go to work? Are you helping with the kids and giving her a break from being "the one" all the time if there are kids? Is she able to take care of herself? Does she have an outlet? If all of that is in check, then I would explore different sexual experiences with her. What is it specifically she doesn't like? Is there some sort of thing she'd like to explore? If she has something she wants to try differently, don't shame her for it. The internet is so full of resources now that can give you ideas and be helpful. (Obviously, make sure you're going to reputable sites and don't go down the rabbithole...you know). 

Maybe she doesn't even know what she would like, but knows she doesn't like the experience she's currently having. If you cannot be open and transparent with your life partner, then who can you be open with? Don't take that as any kind of dig against you. Sometimes it takes digging a lot deeper when it comes to sex and women.

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Stringio Ellen Aranza
Pray! Find out WHY! If someone honestly 'doesn't like sex" then I suspect there is an ungodly reason - they may have been taught all their life that sex is evil, or maybe they were molested or subjected to something perverse in their formative years. Aside from the fact that human life comes as a result of 'sex' we have to recognize that our Creator designed us for this, and on further examination, the culmination of pleasure for both male and female is as close as we can get to true joy (as Bride of Christ!) while we live in the flesh! Most of us don't consider this.

One thing I will say - the quickest way to kill any possibility of an encounter is in the way you approach your wife. PLEASE don't start by grabbing one of her body parts and expecting that to open the gate to her desire - this will most likely have the exact opposite effect. Be gentle and kind. I repeat, PRAY, and let God show you what is needed, and be open to honest conversation, including things that may be uncomfortable. Godspeed.

Praying for all us wives and husbands who struggle in this area, to receive healing for our minds, bodies, and souls, in Jesus' powerful name. Amen.

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