How can once saved always saved be true?

Can anyone explain to me how a person can be saved no matter what they do or don't do once they believe that Jesus died for their sins and they recieve the holy spirit and therefore eternal life?

I'm asking it this way because even though people mention that all you need to do is believe and there are supporting scriptures for that, what do you do with the scriptures that plainly tell "brethren" or believers to not sin or get caught up in sin again or to not even have "a hint" of immortality named among them? 

John 3:16

ESV - 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

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Data Danny Hickman

This is an easy thing to understand.

It's easy to say 'Don't Sin.' But you can't name anyone who doesn't. Everybody has at least one person that they haven't forgiven.

You were in third grade. That person made the whole class laugh at you. You haven't forgotten it. Or that person who left you for another. You moved on, but you still would like to see them ache somewhere, at least for a few minutes. I ain't talking about some egregious sin that you keep secret about.

The scriptures tell us that 'when you didn't do for the least of them, you didn't do for me.' How many homeless people did you pass today? I'm not accusing anyone of not being charitable! But if you don't do 100% you didn't do what the requirement YOU PUT ON THE TABLE WITH THIS QUESTION requires. You're touting 100% sin free, never sin again after being saved, "GO AND SIN NO MORE' religion! Yes, religion!

Who do you know who gets a hit every at-bat? What quarterback completes every pass?

Did Paul claim to be sinless? Peter? John? None of these men claimed to have gotten free from sin.

Doing wrong isn't what makes us sinners. I have a new great granddaughter due in about 4 weeks. She will be born IN SIN. That's not a curse by her grandfather, I'm just stating a fact. She will not have done anything wrong. She will inherit her sinful nature from her dad, my GSIL Rico. She will need a Savior some day. Praise the Lord, I am already telling God about her. Thanking him mostly! He knows her already!

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