Which church is the true church?


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Mini James Kraft

Apostasy in all church denominations starts with removing Jesus from the church. It starts by believing something that is not true. It is believing a lie. It starts by believing another gospel. Galatians 1:7-9 The true gospel is that we are all born sinners. And God hates our sin, but He loves us. John 3:16.

He sent Jesus into the world so that all who believe in Him, trust in His grace, that He did everything necessary to save sinful men, will be saved by what He did for us on the cross. Romans 4:5 We are saved by faith alone without works.

It mean that once we have trusted in His grace, we have redemption through His blood sacrifice for all sin. At the same time we trusted in Him only to save us by grace that we received the Holy Spirit of promise that says I will never leave you or forsake you. We have eternal life now because we have trusted in the only one who can give eternal life as a free gift.

Why are we saved without works. Because only Jesus finished work on the cross can save us. If there was any other way to be saved, then Jesus died for no reason.
Since we are saved by faith alone, we have nothing to boast in before God because we did nothing for it and Jesus paid it all. John 6:29 The work of God is to believe in the Son.

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