How does young earth creationism handle the apparent evidence for millions of years in the fossil record?


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Mini Gary Creel

Evolution does not magically require that once a species evolves all of the other members of that species who have not evolved will suddenly disappear.

As long as there is no factor that would kill off the non-evolved species there would be no reason both old and new species wouldn't continue to thrive and survive.

January 18 2015 Report

Mini brenda cole

Stephen J. Gould, a prominent scientist once said he did not believe in God. Now just this past month he has changed his mind. Now as I heard him say on an interview that he does believe there is a God. Knowing this it would seem he now also, believes in creation. What an amazing God we have that even a man like Dr. Gould could be reached by the Holy Spirit of God. This would be the only way Dr. Gould would of come to this conclusion. After all this time he has spent in his hard studies in this field.

August 27 2016 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Brenda Cole, did you become a believer differently than the scientist you speak of? The only way to become a believer is to be converted from unbelief by God. And this Dr Gould was no farther from God before the Holy Spirit convicted him than anyone else has been before conversion. Just because person publicly announces their status doesn't make them any harder for God to humble.

We don't know what God might have done to get his attention, but I know he did something. It is no more amazing for him to be REDEEMED BY GOD than for anyone else.

That is what I don't want to be missed; God, the Holy Spirit, the Christ Jesus redeems whomever he chooses! Nobody comes to Jesus except the Lord God draws him. Dr Gould didn't "wake up smart" on morning. He was drawn to Jesus by the Father IF HE GOT SAVED. Going from 'I don't believe there is a God' to being a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ is more than simply stating 'I now believe there is a God somewhere.'

Romans 1 says that everybody knows within themselves that there is a God to whom we must be accountable. That doesn't make everybody "believers." I hope he believes in Jesus, that would be great! But changing your tune about God's existence doesn't wash a person of their sins. The world needs to understand that clearly. We must confess our sins. The good news is, we are brought to the confession by the Holy Spirit, it isn't a self-generated action.

November 07 2022 Report

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