How do I “study” the Bible, without knowing anything about the Bible for 27 years of my life?


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A daily devotional. The scripture of the day. I know by experience that this way takes root very quickly. You read the scripture, asking yourself what this has to do with you. You're beginning to search for God's involvement in your life. He knows it. How? Because He's the one calling you to begin bible study.

The scripture for today in the Devotional "Our Daily Bread" is being read and studied today, 6/12/22, all over the world. (I haven't read it yet, I'm saving it for later the way you do your last piece of peppermint).

That scripture will speak to each person who reads it in the way that God intends it for that person. Then open your bible and read some or all of the chapter the scripture was taken from. If in your reading you're led to read something else, then do it. Let yourself be led in different directions by the Spirit who teaches us all truth. Then do it again tomorrow. Download the ODB app. Or read ebible's.

That's how you can begin to study the word. When you study the word, you're actually trying to hear from the Spirit who indwells you and the word. He's not that hard to contact. The bible is more than "the good book."

27 years of not being a bible student can be overcome in a very short period of time. We're talking about an almighty God. Include Him in through prayer and watch the wall of separation fall. Then you'll be able to say to Him, 'You've been right here the whole time.'

Gotta go. I'm gonna go ahead and have my last piece of peppermint.

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