Is the perpetual virginity of Mary biblical?


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I am a layman aged 78 without any education in theology, not belonging to Roman Catholic Church, beg to submit as follows:

When the Angel Gabriel informed Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph, that she would become pregnant and give birth to a son (Luke 1:31), her response was "I am a virgin. How, then, can this be?" In every wedded life, women who were once virgins (let us assume there was no premarital illegal conjugation) conceive after being impregnated by their husbands. That being the usual way of human life, why should Mary protest at the prospect of being the mother of a son?

In my opinion the protest is due to the fact that Mary, herself a celibate for life, was bound to avoid or refrain from any sexual relations with her husband. Now-a-days we cannot conceive of such a situation where the husband and wife practice celibacy. We have to believe that Mary was a celibate throughout her life and her becoming pregnant was due to the intervention of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1.18 & Luke 1:35).

In this context we have to see that even though the Angel said to Mary, "Peace be with you, The Lord is with you and has greatly blessed you," (Luke 1:28) Mary had to endure undue atrocities in her life. She had to run away to Egypt to save the life of the Son of the Almighty, for which there was no help from the Heavens.

Why should the Almighty refrain from providing a succor to the three fugitives just as Philip was carried away from the presence of Ethiopian Official by the Spirit of the Lord even though there was no expediency to do? The one who was blessed and with whom God was to be and who had been gifted with Heavenly peace had to be an eyewitness to the brutal murder of he son at the prime of his age. Is this what the Angel meant when announcing the birth of the Savior? Even after Mary's death, every one takes every opportunity to tarnish the image of Mary. Or is it that we have dearth of topics to preach?

James, Joseph (Jeses) Simon and Judas have to made the sons of Mary--Is this is a very important canon of Christian Faith very important to achieve salvation? We have Mary the mother of James and Joseph (Jeses) looking on from a distance at the Cross in the Golgotha (Matthew 27:56) This Mary is not the mother of Jesus. If you can accept that two out of the four are not the sons of the Mother of Jesus why should we clamor about four sons and more than one daughter of Mary, Mother of Jesus?.Why do not they reduce the number of children as two sons and two daughters instead of four sons and two daughters?

Our Lord came to this Earth through Mary, the Door which has to remain shut (Ezekiel 44:1 & 2)

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