Is there any value to a spiritual gifts test/inventory/assessment?


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Mini Carolyn Hostetter

I's not sure if this is for discussion or for response, but here goes. In 1993, when I first became a believer, it seemed very important to me to know my spiritual gift/gifts. I considered taking tests, assessments, etc. but never did, and quite frankly, didn't pursue trying to find out any more via books and tests. Then in year 2000, I became involved in a church fellowship where, 2 years later, the Lord called me to work at that church in an administrative capacity. I found out at that time that one of my gifts was administration. I retired in 2010, and am no longer involved in that church. However, I believe essentially two things: 1) The Lord will guide your path to the body of Christ where He wants you to be; and very important, 2) you have to become involved in a church fellowship in order for the Holy Spirit to show you what your spiritual gifts are and use you. It may take a while, but He will show you. He will "imbue" you with the desires of your heart (see Psalms 37:4) and provide you with the opportunity. I also believe that the Holy Spirit will use different gifts at particular times when He needs to use you in edifying of the Church. In other words, the spiritual gift you have today may not be the same spiritual gift you have next month, next year, or at some other future point. We know that "... the Spirit divides to every man, severally as He will" (1Corinthians 12:11 AKJV)), "as He will" being the operative words here. Thanks.

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