Would remarriage after a divorce still be considered adultery if abuse is involved?

If the person who went outside the union did so because they are a victim of abuse or brutality and there is no reasonable expectation that the abuse can or will stop any other way, is this permissible?

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Mini reuben van heerden

I have 3 things to add to this discussion:
1. The very next verse the Lord says :" because you have hardened your harts"
2. The covenant between man and wife is ONLY broken once one party dies
3. The bible permits man and wife to live seperately in such cases, hoping for restoration and people coming to their senses?

4. ...and a 4th - "if the unbeliever wants to leave the marriage" it is OK to let them go.

Just another question about the details section - "causing her/him to comit adultery.." - who is responsible for the sin?.


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