What does the Bible say about the arrival of a time in which people will celebrate their sins and have no remorse over their sins?

I'm noticing an increase in celebrating sinful ideas of many kinds.

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Data Danny Hickman

Nobody wakes up one sunny day and says to themselves, "You know what, I think today would be a good day to repent, to confess my sin and be saved from the power of death." Nobody ever has, and nobody ever will. Salvation belongs to the LORD. (Psalm 3:8)

Nobody repents of their own doing. The goodness of God leads to repentance. (Romans 2:4).
Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation...(2 Cor 7:10).

Listen to Jesus make this point in the first nine verses of Luke 13. Governor Pilate had executed some Galileans. Jesus tells His audience that this didn't happen to them because they were worse sinners than all other Galileans. Also, the tower in Siloam fell on eighteen people and they were killed. He asks the crowd, "Do you think they were worse sinners than all other men in Jerusalem"? In both cases He says they were not worse sinners, and unless His audience repents they will all likewise perish.

Then He tells them a parable about a man who had a fig tree that didn't produce fruit. He tells the grounds keeper to cut it down, that it's just taking up space. (Here comes the main point) The grounds keeper tells the owner of the tree, " Let it alone this year, I'll dig around it and fertile it, and if it bears fruit, well. If not, after that you can cut it down."

Unless "The Grounds Keeper" digs around us "fig trees" we won't repent, we will perish like the Galileans and the men whom the tower at Siloam fell on.
If you have "remorse" God dug around you...

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Data Danny Hickman

This parable confuse some people into thinking Jesus is saying, 'Unless you're useful to God, (bear fruit) you're not worth keeping and will be cut down.' That's not what this means. If you get that from it you're reading it in the dark, and need to put the light on.

He means what He SAYS. He tells of regular sinners being killed, not for something they did or didn't do. They were killed through no apparent fault of their own. Pilate executed the Galileans because they were Galileans. No reason is given for the tower falling on the men at Siloam, it just fell. Jesus is saying, 'This is normal; life happens to all, people are born to die. There's nothing we can do to prevent it.'

He SAYS, "Unless you repent, you will likewise perish." Of course, now, He's talking about spiritual death. He didn't need to tell them they were going to die someday, somehow. Repenting doesn't result in living eternally in the physical realm. He's using our earthly life to teach us about soul living.

He tells them the parable, and He makes it clear that the fig tree needs the husbandman to help it bear fruit. But He never says, 'Unless you bear fruit, He SAYS Unless you repent...' So the point is, unless the husbandman deals with you, you won't repent, and you won't bear the fruit of repentance (Mt 3:8). That's the understanding you get when you read that text with the light on. Otherwise you think He means you have to bear fruit to be saved. It's unless you repent...

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