What makes this week holy?


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Mini robert hough

In my opinion, this "holy week" is purely a "creation" of the Roman Catholic "church". Their (Roman Catholic) choice of dates (on the Gregorian calendar) and their "interpretation" of Scripture is flawed and concocted to fit Jesus' final days (of His first incarnation as a human), into a nice little period to fit their (Catholic "church's") desires. The time line of the period encompassed by their "Holy week" does not conform to any careful, or unbiased reading of all relevant Scripture, particularly as it applies to the "three days and three nights in the heart of the earth earth" (as Jesus Himself told us). When Jesus said "three DAYS and three NIGHTS" that's exactly what He meant, not "part of" three days and nights. The crucifixion DID NOT, (necessarily) take place on a "Friday". Neither did He arise (necessarily) on a "Sunday".

The Hebrew method of calculating the "date" (of the month) did not follow Roman law. The "Jews" followed Hebrew / God's Law. Just as Passover, or any other Jewish Sabbath does not coincide with our current calendar, neither would the date Christ's, so called, "passion week"!

Jesus DID DIE (for our sins) on the cross, and He DID arise (AFTER three days and three nights in the tomb) as prophesied, to fulfil Scripture, but you CANNOT calculate the "anniversary" of these events using any Roman based calendar, or time line. Therefore, "Easter" (Pagan) Sunday and everything connected with it is not Biblically based.

We should worship God, and be equally thankful, for Jesus' sacrifice EVERY single day we are on this earth.

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