Why does it seem that Jesus teaches that you have to be perfect to be saved (Matthew 5:48)?


Matthew 5:48

ESV - 48 You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

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Mini Anand Mishra

In each of us, two nations at war, good and evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer the other

But, in our hands lies the power to choose - what we want most to be, we are.

March 08 2021 Report

Aj wolf Summer Zorger

My Youth Pastor said nearly the same exact thing Anand Mishra. My Pastor said that we have demons and angels on our shoulders, a devil on one, and an angel on the other, and when you do something wrong the devil says "ooh yes keep on doing that", and the angel says " oh you know what to do, do the right thing." And like Anand Mishra said, we are in a war, with ourselves and we have the power to choose who we want to win, Satin or God.

March 11 2021 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Being perfect is not about being good enough for heaven. We can't be good enough for God or heaven.

God is perfect. What does that mean? WHAT is perfect?

Perfect ~ Without defect, flaws, or shortcomings. Accurate, correct or exact in every detail. Thorough, complete.

I don't think those meanings apply in the context of who people are, or can be. Regardless of how holy you might think yourself to be, you will never be without fault, flaws or defect in your being. So what does this "be ye perfect" instruction pertain to?

Me: How did your date go?

My daughter: He was a "perfect" gentleman.

She means that the guy conformed to her description or definition of an ideal type of guy. Was he without flaw or defect? Surely not. In this context "perfect" is downsized; it's reduced in scope to only refer to what type of date he was.

When we're told to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, we're to reflect His perfection to show that we're His newborn children. "Perfect" in this sense, is neatly trimmed to pertain only to our conduct as children of God. We're to be on our "best behavior." Can our best behavior be text book perfection? Absolutely not! It doesn't have to be. In this context "best behavior" assumes a stance of perfection.

Can we as people know what "perfection" is? No. It's like trying to "stop watch" FOREVER. How do you know when you get to it? (Dan 7:18)

We understand "figure of speech" everywhere, except when it's in the bible. Then we go literal...

June 12 2021 Report

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