Why did God sometimes change a person's name in the Bible?


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Mini Mark Neidert

I thought I read somewhere that the H had something to do with Eloi and that by changing he was also trying to show that Sarah and Abraham were now "with God" or mayber "from God".

Does anyone know anything about my vague recollection? Am I confused?

April 06 2015 Report

Mini Brian Ansell

If you study your family through historical documents you might find spellings change, that was because most people spoke their names and never wrote them down and the person writing wrote what they thought they heard!

August 28 2018 Report

Mini Marvin Reynolds

Names are related to God not your self. Hence if you read the changes of names in the Bible the issue is this: You have ceased being in Satan's yard and the new name points to God. Best way to look this up in the Hebrew dictionary and be impressed. Note that some are in God's team and no name change occurs. Moses is one example for it was NOT changed. He was called Moses with no change for he was with God up front. I note that in a lot of religions his is a factor. There can be a name change but often that is not the case.

September 08 2018 Report

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