What does the Bible say about Christians participating in political rallies against the government. Should we be involved in such activities?


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Mini Paul Hooker

One of the greatest problems in the mainstream church today is in applying the Spirit of the law as opposed to the letter of the law or rightly applying the insight to deal with a specific issue rather than using a general concept.

The highest authority in this nation is the Constitution that carries forth the plan that God instituted through the founders and the Constitution including the 2nd Amendment. Now we have a usurper in the White House that got there by illegal means, which is what the 2nd Amendment was enacted to deal with and their primary focus is to eliminate the nuclear family (God's design for mankind's social structure) and to eliminate Christianity and convert the nation to godless Communism. Moreover, the overriding message of both testaments is to remove the evil from your midst! So personally, I think God intended for Christian men to take a stand against an encroaching evil menace that threatens our families, our religious freedom, and our very lives! Because Christians leaders have sat back complacently and allowed the removal of pray from schools and later the Ten Commandments from our public buildings now Marxists run the public education system and we lose 85% of the children raised in church between the ages of 15 and 25 because of the godless influence in our educational system. So, I think we can say without a doubt that God would be in favor of opposing that evil by whatever means is necessary.

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