Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?


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Image Teresa Ellis

I think that what the person was saying is that while we all have trials and tribulation in this fallen world , why does it seem to get worse when they pray? In my own life, there have been periods when I didn't pray or as much, but then when I prayed more and read my bible it's like my life went into chaos.

August 20 2014 Report

Mini Sam Lindberg

Luke 13: 4. I believe Jesus is asked basically this same question? But it is His answer that I find hard to understand in Luke 13:5. In fact, Luke 13: 1-5 all seems to me to relate to the issue of bad things happening to basically good people and His answer is confusing.

October 21 2017 Report

Data Danny Hickman

I wonder if the people who were born and lived in slavery in the western world for over 2 1/2 centuries ever considered that if they ceased praying their freedom might become a reality sooner. I bet they wondered what could they have possibly done to deserve such painful and inhumane treatment.... We have a wrist watch and God has a calendar.

December 28 2017 Report

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