What did Jesus mean when he said, "But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom."?


Matthew 26:29

ESV - 29 I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom.

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
Jesus spoke these words at the Last Supper, at which He also instituted the observance of the Eucharist, and commanded His followers to partake of the sacrament regularly in remembrance of Him.

However, I would say that (as indicated by His words in the cited verse) He did not intend the sacrament solely as a backward-looking memorial to Him, but also as a means of prompting them to look forward (past whatever hardships or persecution they might endure for His name's sake in this life and world) to the promise of eternity, when (as He said) the redeemed will once again (and forever) share the fruit of the vine with Him in God's fulfilled kingdom.

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Tor Tor Edge
There are 8 different kingdoms mentioned in scriptures, 1) the kingdom of God 2) Satan's kingdom,3) gentile kingdoms, 4) the Jewish kingdom - Israel, 5) the kingdom of heaven, 6) the Antichrists kingdom, 7) Christs kingdom, 8) the Fathers kingdom. 

The misunderstanding of these 8 kingdoms and the misapplication of the scriptures regarding them has led to much confusion and caused many well meaning Christians to veer off on tangents, and may even have been instrumental in the formation of some modern cults. The final kingdom “also referred to as “the fathers kingdom“ will be entered into after every enemy is destroyed including death, and Christ ends his earthly kingdom reign of 1000 years by turning his kingdom over to the Father, and at that point all power and authority are given back to the Father. 

This is what Jesus means when he says he will not drink it again until he does so in the Father's kingdom. For an excellent and scholarly treatise of this subject of kingdoms in the bible- see the book entitled "Eight Kingdoms" by M.Pearl. I believe it is available on Amazon.

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Mini Zachary Campbell
## Explanation of Jesus' Statement in Matthew 26:29:

This verse holds significant meaning in several Christian denominations and can be interpreted from various perspectives. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects:


* This statement comes during Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples, just before his crucifixion. 
* He has just instituted the Eucharist, where bread and wine symbolize his body and blood sacrificed for salvation.

**Meaning of the Statement:**

* **Literal Interpretation:** Jesus expresses that he won't physically drink wine again until he is resurrected and reunited with his disciples in God's kingdom.
* **Symbolic Interpretation:** This could represent a transition from earthly experiences to an ultimate, shared spiritual reality with God and his followers.
* **Thematic Significance:** The emphasis lies on the promise of future reunion and fulfillment in God's kingdom, contrasting the present suffering and separation.

**Additional Points:**

* The reference to "new wine" can symbolize renewed joy, abundance, and the transformation of suffering into something positive.
* Some interpret it as Jesus foreshadowing the establishment of the "New Covenant" between God and humanity through his sacrifice.
* The verse holds different interpretations and devotional practices across various Christian traditions.

**It's important to note that this is just one interpretation, and the meaning of the verse can vary depending on individual beliefs and theological perspectives.**

**Further Exploration:**

* For deeper understanding, consider reading different interpretations by theologians and commentaries on Matthew 26:29.
* Discussing it with someone from your faith community can enrich your understanding based on your shared beliefs.

I hope this explanation provides a helpful starting point for your exploration of this verse!

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