What is saving grace?


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Img 0360 Terry Gillard

In this excellent answer this is stated, "The phrase "saving grace" fits nicely with the concept of our worth being found only in Christ. He is that "redeeming factor" that makes us acceptable. We have nothing in ourselves that will commend us to God (Romans 3:10-11)."
What a powerful, direct statement of what grace is. The only point I'd like to make the use of the Word "Assistance" in the early part of the answer suggests that Grace makes up the gap between what we are able to do, and what God himself demands of us.
The fact is that with no merit of our own; unfortunately, too often, even no desire to Achieve godliness! YET, as those who trust in Him, we are carried from zero to infinity! Praise Him!
We aren't "helped" - we are taken from the miry clay and stood on a solid rock, and it is ALL Christ!
Thank God!

Terry Gillard

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It is a complete change in our lives after we have accepted the Lord as our personal Savior. We aren't the same anymore.

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