Why is God going to send a strong delusion in the end times?


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1960s 5 Paul Martin

We no longer have teenagers, but instead have 'screenagers'; the off-spring of T.V. addicts. Increasingly moral standards dropped as parents put up with all sorts of 'entertainment' that generally were stories that had commandment breaking as an intricate part.
So, we largely have a society immune to God's holy standards, and instead laugh at them as they are broken. The moral backbone has disintegrated. I know of few families who don't have TV, and less that are not internet additicted
This is the great delusion. As Christ said, would He find any with faith when He returns.

February 15 2018 Report

Mini Shirley H

Agree, Paul...
The technology, supposed to make life better, seems to make life more difficult! I saw or heard one time that www in Hebrew is 666. I think,really this may be true! Satan is in his hey day in our time. We are surrounded!

April 22 2021 Report

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