What does the Bible say about corporal punishment as practiced by governments?


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Mini Marvin Reynolds

Romans chapter 13 deals with this issue. If you have ever taught in Prison to Prisoners you understand what I am saying. The issue is "Does your government put forth a law that contradicts God's Law? If so then you can refuse to follow that rule, BUT you have to accept the consequences of standing up for God. The rules of law are different from Nation to Nation. Travel around the world and you will also understand this fact. As a believer in Christ YOU MUST stand on God's Law to be a clear witness in his name.

May 25 2014 Report

Mini Chef william Gibson

Reading the bible in the spirit it was written can only lead one to be more interested in the intent of the law than it being legal. Jesus was legally executed legally whipped with a cat of nine tales. We have things in the law thanks to the Suffering of JESUS,the right to remain silent,and that intent is part of the making of a criminal charge. What was the intent of those who used the law against JESUS?
What was JESUS intent?
Would JESUS be subjected to the law in America like he was in Rome?
We should go boldly to the throne of grace for mercy and should never take the cover off the ARK where mercy imparts grace.

August 18 2016 Report

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