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What is the Nazirite/Nazarite vow?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The Nazirite/Nazarite vow is taken by individuals who have voluntarily dedicated themselves to God. The vow is a decision, action, and desire on the part of people whose desire is to yield themselv...

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Mini James Kraft 74 year old retired pipeline worker
I believe there is a principle here in that many things are permissible under grace, but if a believer wants to abstain by choice and free will, that is a good thing. The problem comes when we make non esentials law, and put people in bondage to do the same as we do. It takes away grace and puts people back under the law. Many Christians abstain from drinking alcohol for this same reason, and this can be a good thing. But Paul said for leaders in the church not to drink much wine. Not no wine. Drunkeness is a sin, but abstaining from alcohol altogether does not make you more righteous

But many churches put people under the law instead of grace and demand strict obedience to their own law. It is much like giving. We are to give out of the goodness of our own heart, not under compulsion to the law. It steals grace out of the heart and makes everything we do or don't do sin, where in we do have some freedom in the Lord. We are not to be put back in bondage to rules and regulations.

Where there are absolutes we are to obey those without question. But even then it is voluntary because we Love the Lord. Putting people under the law just makes them worse sinners. Grace lets us love the Lord and voluntarily obey His truth.

We have many laws added to the bible that are no more than traditions of the church. The bible plainly tells us what is sin and we are to obey those things and leave the others between the person and the Lord. 

There is also a problem in that some believe that abstaining from things is what saves them instead of trusting in Christ alone by faith. Then they begin to trust in themselves that they have made them selves righteous by oebeying these man made principles and rules, and it leads them to hell. Legalism is the death of salvation by grace through faith.

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My picture Jack Gutknecht ABC/DTS graduate, guitar music ministry Baptist church
A Nazarite is:
(Hebrew form Nazirite), the name of such Israelites as took on them the vow prescribed in Numbers 6: 2-21. The word denotes generally one who is separated from others and consecrated to God. Although there is no mention of any Nazarite before Samson, yet it is evident that they existed before the time of Moses. The vow of a Nazarite involved these three things, (1) abstinence from wine and strong drink, (2) refraining from cutting the hair off the head during the whole period of the continuance of the vow, and (3) the avoidance of contact with the dead.

To say it another way, 
A NAZARITE is: (one separated), one of either sex who was bound by a vow of a peculiar kind to be set apart from others for the service of God. The obligation was either for life or for a defined time. There is no notice in the Pentateuch of Nazarites for life, but the regulations for the vow of a Nazarite of days are given. (Numbers 6:1-21) The Nazarite, during the term of his consecration, was bound to abstain from wine grapes, with every production of the vine and from every kind of intoxicating drink. He was forbidden to cut the hair of his head or to approach any dead body, even that of his nearest relation.

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