"Did the Catholic Church officially change the Sabbath day to Sunday?"


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Mini Daniel Sousa

I believe that Jesus is the only One that can change Saturday to Sunday. Also in the Bible it does not say anywhere to change Saturday to Sunday because of the resurrection, and we need to love Jesus every day, yes. But Saturday is the day we don't work (as it says on the Bible) and we dedicate all day to God. People usually get confused and that's normal. God bless you all!

January 01 2020 Report

A6ac9128dd6f69162fac89c38e63e50f Gary Wainwright

The Bible does say that the Sabbath day was given to the Nation of Israel as a sign of the old covenant between them and God (Exodus 31:13, Ezekiel 20:12, Deuteronomy 5:14-15) with no teaching that it was also commanded of the Church to observe as a sign between the Church and God.

January 02 2020 Report

Mini Lucid Transition

The Sabbath is Saturday. It has always been Saturday and we are to remember it as such, as commanded. No church is above the word of God, and all peoples are beneath it. There is no reference to a "day of worship", as all days are days of worship.
Saturday is the holy day of rest. A day of gathering to worship is not a day of rest. Does anyone really consider going to church "restful"?... I don't.. It's a day I spend cramming things into my brain. That isn't rest... That's work.
Lord guide us all.

August 19 2021 Report

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