If we ask God a question about a particular situation, how will we recognize His answer?

In the past, we assumed God's answer was "yes" because everything concerning the situation opened up to allow it to happen, but we now know this is not true. Therefore, how will we know God's answer to our prayer?

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I can only speak from personal experience and perspective, not as an authority with the exception that I do have God's Holy Word to back up what I am saying. 

Do we remember Gideon? He was a very small man in his tribe, the least in his father's house. Yet, he was brilliant! He took wheat that wasn't quite ripe and hid it in a cave. When the Midianites came looking to steal ripe wheat, their field was already harvested and they assumed they had been there already. 

This gave Gideon the opportunity to allow the wheat to ripen, time to harvest it, and beat it out into fine flour for his family so they would not starve the coming year! Brilliant! An angel of the LORD came down to watch him work. (So many beautiful lessons here! God uses working people. Not the lazy or the do-it-later people, but those with a work ethic to get the job done, get it done right, so others may be saved!) 

When Gideon noticed the angel, he did what we would all do, he freaked out! 
After he calmed down and listened, the angel told him of this plan to save all of Israel. One can almost imagine the thoughts facing in his head, "Who, me?" "Who am I?" 

Gideon even starts to argue with the angel a bit, but that got him nowhere! But he obeyed him. (See even when we are scared, God still wants us to jump into action on His Word!)

Finally Gideon told God, (paraphrasing) "Look, I'm going to take this sheep's wool, put it outside. If what You have told me is really of God, You really want me to do this.. let the ground all around the wool be dry, and let the sheepskin be wet with dew." Gideon got up early the next morning, and wrung out a whole bowl full of water from the sheep wool but the ground all around was dry. Then Gideon asked again, God, if this is really You, in the morning let the wool be dry but the ground be wet all around. Judg 6:34-40.

Judges chapter 7 tells of the awesome victory God gave to Gideon with 300 small, cracked up men. People see issues, God sees potential! 

So how do we know to move forward? Put out a fleece! Something that only God could make happen. Example: "God I feel like You are leading me to do this. I've prayed about it, talked to my pastor about it, we are in agreement, but I would still like to KNOW that I am in Your will. God, I haven't spoken to my Aunt Mary in 3 years, if You want me to continue on this path, please have her call me, send a letter, a smoke signal, Facebook message, just have Aunt Mary contact me in some way before the end of the week." Amen

Watch God move! If God is really in what you are doing or asking about.. Aunt Mary may just pop up to see you! 

What if she doesn't contact you? Set out another fleece. Until you have clear cut answers you need, yes or no! 

God is a God that hears and answers prayers, that doesn't mean that man always listens! 

Be realistic with your fleece. "God let my neighbor's barking dog die." This is self serving and unrealistic. Dont laugh, I've heard of stuff like this! But something like an unexpected letter from a friend. Or a call you never thought you'd get. Anything can be a fleece unto the LORD, as long as it is coupled with sincere prayer and an earnest heart to do God's Holy will!

God is so pleased when we take His Word and apply it to our everyday lives! 

Be blessed, 
Ms. Lena

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