How do trees kill people? 2 Samuel 18:8

How do trees kill people? 2 Samuel 18:8

In other words, how did the forest claim more men than the sword? (2 Samuel 18:8)

6 David’s army marched out of the city to fight Israel, and the battle took place in the forest of Ephraim. 7 There Israel’s troops were routed by David’s men, and the casualties that day were great—twenty thousand men. 8 The battle spread out over the whole countryside, and the forest swallowed up more men that day than the sword.

2 Samuel 18 King James Version (KJV)

8 For the battle was there scattered over the face of all the country: and the wood devoured more people that day than the sword devoured.

2 Samuel 18:8

ESV - 8 The battle spread over the face of all the country, and the forest devoured more people that day than the sword.

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Mini Jimmy Tillery

The Lord does use nature to kill; the flood and the parting of the Red Sea for instance. I can totally believe that God used the trees and bushes and such to entangle or even fall on and kill the Israelites that were attacking David. Kind of makes me think of the Ents from Lord of the Rings. What if they came alive and attacked Absalom’s men? Of course I’m not sure, but when I read this verse this is what I concur. And how cool is that? God’s creation shows his divine nature and eternal power so that men are without excuse - Romans 1:20. Be blessed today y’all!

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