Did God use the Big Bang to create the universe?


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Data Carolyn Thibodaux

I was so glad to see this addressed. It has always been my contention that God did, indeed, create the universe and was "behind" the Big Bang. I feel that the Bible addresses the big bang event with Genesis 1:1., without a doubt. If you allow yourself to really think about it, on the first 6 days, God's creations were in an order of need. The formation of a baby in the womb, the need for the seasons, etc.; all these things are in an "order" and provide for our needs. We, who are sinners, are the ones who corrupt the natural order of things.

April 05 2014 Report

1385395570 Rev. Calvin Banks

This conversation is highly rewarding, revealing, and it challenges one to think more so in simplistic terms; According to Genesis, In seven days God created everything that existed from the beginning to the present. After His work was completed He rested. No where in scripture does God resume His works regarding any other creations.

Often I have heard different people say "God made me", however in reality, we were made or we evolved from our parents. The same can be said about every life form that has evolved from the life form that God originally created.

When God rested from His labour, He intended for man to do as He commanded us when He said multiply and replenish the earth. The science based "Big Bang" theory, as well as "Evolution", I believe is all part of God's plan.

When you consider science and moral issues; the two major concerns (divisions) that exist between believers and non- believers, they exist for the purpose of God forcing mankind to choose who they will serve.

Matthew 10:34, -MH Commentary- "I came, not to send peace, but a sword. By the "sword" may be meant the Gospel, which is the means of dividing and separating the people of Christ from the men of the world, and from their principles and practices, and one relation from another; as also of divisions, discords, and persecutions arising from it: not that it was the intention and design of Christ, in coming into the world, to foment and encourage such things; but this, through the malice and wickedness of men, was eventually the effect and consequence of his coming; see Luke 12:51 where, instead of a "sword", it is "division"; because the sword divides asunder, as does the sword of the Spirit, the word of God".

April 05 2014 Report

Mini Billy P Eldred

Of course my answer is I do not know, but neither does anyone else. What I do know is that to me, when I read the Bible I see what I think is the perfect harmony of a "Big bang theory" and the creation account. Which means it really does not matter as God did it either way.

April 11 2015 Report

Stringio david hall

God spoke and it was done.

April 11 2015 Report

Jjb 2003 1 Jj Breen

I love this simple answer - No it's not mine and I cannot remember where I heard it - as it was long-long ago...

"God said, "Let there be.... " and "BANG!" it was...

Was it a "Big Bang"? I believe so, to be honest, we are talking about the voice and action of God!

Was it as science suggests? Well, yes - Why not?

July 07 2015 Report

Mini Beth Audet

The BBT is just that-a theory. Like all theories, they are rethought and reworked constantly as it is perfected. Humans are as fallible as we are curious so there are bumps to be expected along the way.

What I do not understand, and probably never will is why some Christians take science so personally, as if it were an attack on their faith. It really isn't. There was so much technology in use during Biblical times but very little of that technology makes it into the Bible. Does it mean the tech didn't exist because the Bible didn't mention it? Certainly not. If you want to believe Genesis, no one is stopping you. If someone wants to believe God said the BB into existence, let them. Neither violates. Sniping at each other accomplishes little other than division; and The Enemy loves it when we behave this way. We do the heavy lifting for him.

Some things we are just not meant to know in our lifetimes. Some things we are not meant to comprehend until we see Jesus for ourselves. That doesn't make those things bad or good. They just are. They become bad or good with that we do with them; that whole free will thing...but I digress.

There is a long and not so positive or productive history of the Church telling science what to do and say. I do not wish to revisit those times while God blesses me with human life and physical form. We have grown past this as a faith, I hope. Praise God for the advances and people using the brains they were given. If God did not intend to us to use our intellect, He would not have given it to us.


April 28 2016 Report

Mini Brian Ansell

Beth a theory is indeed a theory until, it is proved to be wrong. hat is how science works . Someone comes up with a theory and everyone, including the one with the theory, tries to prove it WRONG. If they do then a new theory is needed, and if they can't prove it wrong they use it until perhaps someone can.

April 28 2016 Report

Mini Ron Harrison

Science exists to prove the wisdom of GOD!!!

June 01 2016 Report

Mini John Greenland

Not enough science will limit you to science, enough science will lead you to God. Same goes for philosophy.

July 11 2016 Report

Mini A F

God is the creator of the universe and the author of time. How he created the earth obviously is not for us to know other than he said he created it in seven days. However in Hebrews it says to God a day as like 1000 years and 1000 years is like a day. That is not to be taken literally and not all the Bible is to be taken literally.

What we should not do however is to create divisions in the body of Christ by insisting that we know how God created the earth as scientists do or we know how God created the earth as fundamental Christians do. All of these answers will be given to us when we get to heaven. God said test every spirit. Therefore it is appropriate to ponder the answers given that do not match our own. But it is not for us to insist that we are right and the other is wrong. Because this will have the effect of breaking up the body of Christ and that God says is this sin. The same argument goes for those men early Christian writers who have spent their life creating volumes of doctrine which many churches follow and that doctrine when Reading scripture often does not match.

The best way to follow God is to open up scripture which is the sword of the spirit and ask the spirit to interpret it for you as you are reading. That interpretation is for you and it is for the Spirit of God to teach others.

February 17 2017 Report

Mini Billy P Eldred

Couldn't agree more AF.

February 17 2017 Report

Mini Michael Morgan

This point was made as we watched The Truth project, which is a great group study. Look to the wedding at Cana, John 2:1-11. The wine Jesus made, what kind of wine was it? As stated, "it was the best wine". The best wines are wines which have had time to age, mature. When God creates, it is created which fullness and maturity. If God desired to preform a miracle by instantly putting a tree in front of you, if cut down how many rings would you see? As many others have stated, God's ways are not our ways. The Bible, God's written Word, is what we have and God gives us all we need. Whether all we see was created in the BB, or some other way, does it matter? No, because God created all. Until recently I had no firm stance on the "6 literal" days of Creation. Again God created, and the verse in 2Peter3:8, (which I take as literal) so our view of Day wasn't relevant. But in deeper study I firmly and confidently accept what God gave us in the Bible. It is a point of faith, not contention.
Mr. Houdmanns' detailed explanation is great and necessary. God is big enough for all our questions, yet does not suffer fools lightly. There are many ways God reaches out to the lost. There is no "one" way in bringing the Truth, yet Christ is the ONLY way to the Father.
Pondering the vastness of existence is ok, but remember; our key purpose is to do what Jesus purposed, love and serve each other. Therefore reflecting His love and light, drawing the lost to God and eternal life!

March 20 2017 Report

Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus

God is Purity of ETERNAL TRUTH. Man puts limitations on GOD'S abilities. "For in six days, God created all things...and He rested on the seventh day!" God's Holy Word of Truth is simply that....TRUTH!!!

I Choose to take God's WORD as absolute TRUTH!!!

November 18 2018 Report

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