Are Interfaith ministries appropriate?


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Mini Robert Kimuyu

My answer is NO.

1Corinthians 6:14-18
Interfaith means your Faith in Jesus and another person's faith in an idol or animal or celestial body.
How do you reconcile the two faiths?

As a follower of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, you have nothing in common with such a person.

We must be careful of such liaisons lest they defile us, so we should separate completely. Unless you are evangelizing, you can't purport to share anything in common.
Exodus 20:1-17
Reference verses:
Exodus 20: 1-6
If someone worships an idol then they don't worship the same God as a Christian.
Romans 8:5
1Kings 11:1-10

The interfaith relationships will cause you to turn away from Jehovah, your Holy Father in Heaven. This is one way the enemy satan uses to diminish our faith in Jesus. Little by little,, these other faith will invite you into their place of "worship" to pray together. Innocent as it may seem, that is the devil at work to destroy your soul.
How do you expect to enter the devil's territory and expect to leave undefiled?
Light and darkness can not mix.

Christ is the Light of the World & as Christians, we are His Ambassadors.

Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus. Tell them to Repent and turn away from sin.
To tell people the Messiah is coming & that we should prepare in Holiness & righteousness, for His Coming.
All our provisions come from Jehovah Jireh.
Always remember, the enemy will come disguised as a friend, but woe unto you if he wins you over.
Hebrews 4:4-6
Isaiah 35:8-10

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