Should a Christian practice yoga?

What exactly are the origins and the purpose (besides the physical benefit) of yoga? I have heard that yoga can open Christians up to spiritual dangers. Why and how so?

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Mini Ike Okadigwe

Why not check out Praise Moves, which glorifies God from a Christian perspective without ambiguity and has none of the yoga spiritual issues? Blessings to you all...

February 02 2014 Report

Mini Deb Friedstrom

I am a member of a Pentecostal church. Some members, including some board members, believe it is ok to drink wine & even beer. What is the Biblical view of this? What message are they sending?

February 11 2014 Report

Mini Hairy Animals

Perhaps you should submit that as a question, Deb Friedstrom.

September 01 2014 Report

Mini Susan Hogge

I received Jesus when I was 18 and was filled with Hily Spirit. Shortly after I was attending a Yoga class and As soon as meditation started at end Holy Spirit spoke to me strongly and said get up and walk out in which I did and have never attended Yoga since. Holy Spirit wlll show you.

February 08 2015 Report

Mini Cathy Reeves

I believe what counts is where your heart is and what your intent is. For myself, my heart is with the Lord God.

That being said, I have practiced yoga solely to tone my muscles and get into shape. I have no interest in the spiritual side of it and the DVD I use has not a single inkling of the spiritual side of yoga. If it did I would not use it.

When I hear other comments on this against practicing yoga I am reminded of Paul's comments about whether to eat or not eat what others consider improper. He said that others may consider the food unclean to eat as it had been sacrificed to other gods, but that the food was just that, food, and that it was okay by him. Whether to eat or not to eat was up to him and the company he was in. If it made others uncomfortable, or offended them, don't do it. If not, then it was ok. (My paraphrasing may be lacking but we get the drift).

So though some consider yoga inextricably linked to Hinduism, I feel I can separate it and do separate its physical benefits from the spiritual entirely. It has no spiritual significance to me what so ever. So therefore I practice it. But if you consider it sinful I will not do those exercises in your presence!

June 10 2015 Report

Mini Ike Okadigwe

A mature, wise God's Word centred reply - bless you Cathy. The physical benefits of yoga are well documented. The spiritual aspects are a slippery slope, but if as you said, your heart and soul are given to God, then these become irrelevant. The human body can be bent and positioned into numerous, yet still finite aspects. Varied exercise disciplines attest to this. If one is really unhappy with yoga, Pilates (which does have some yoga background) or Praise Moves (devised by a Christian, with Biblical quotations as you position yourself) etc can be practiced instead.

June 10 2015 Report

Mini Ryan Henrie

I think you need to decide for yourself. Pray about it, have an open mind and open heart. You will only leave the Lord if you choose to, not because you practice yoga. Some will say that this is evil, some will say that there is no place in the church for pagan practices...they just don’t know the history of their own church... many of the things that yoga teaches include the truths of our God and His Christ. Make room in your heart and mind for all truth.

March 04 2020 Report

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