Why does Psalms 82 say, "You are gods."? Are we gods?


Psalms 82:6

NKJV - 6 I said, "You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High.

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
In my opinion, this verse refers 1) to the authority that God grants to human rulers and judges on earth to possess power and to carry out functions similar to His own in His name, and 2) to the inspired words that He gave to the prophets and writers of the Old Testament (such as the author of the psalm in the verse that Jesus was quoting in John 10:34) to speak on His behalf. 

It does not imply that any of these individuals is or was actually God (which is why the word "gods" in the verse is spelled with a lower-case "g"), but that, in their official or religious capacities, they were doing what they did in God's name and stead.

Jesus was saying that, if such individuals were called "gods" in inspired Scripture, then it was not blasphemy for Him to refer to Himself as God, or to make Himself equal with God because, as the Son of God whom God the Father had sent into the world, and who was one with the Father (as Jesus had just declared in John 10:30), He was greater than any of the human rulers or prophets of the Old Testament.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
My opinion is that the Hebrew "elohyim" (Strong 430) translated here as "gods" generally refers to all the individuals, physical and spiritual, who possess divine legal authority to determine right and wrong, life and death, for the earth. This authority issues from the one true God, which is shared with or delegated to lower beings by transmission to the hierarchy (beginning with the archangels, angels, etc., descending finally down to man). No one but the true God has unlimited authority - everyone else participates only to a limited degree. 

Perhaps a more descriptive translation would be "of God" rather than "gods" since man and the rest of the hierarchy possess only a limited god-like authority over lower beings. This would also be in line with the rest of the verse.

The elohiym legal authority is expressed to humanity in forbidding certain activities or behavior. Violating these commandments will result in death of the soul (Ezek 18:20), unless a remedy, such as Christ's redeeming sacrifice, is available. Only the Judaic-Christian revelation clearly expresses the full extent of elohiymic authority over the earth. 

Man's authority comes from Genesis 1:26, which gives him domination over the animal world. Since human government has been instituted the meaning has been extended in the bible to cover all government officials. However, it doesn't really apply to democracies where all government exists only with the consent of the governed. Democracy can be more accurately described as self-government or self-regulation by a nation. There is no divine right to rule in a democracy.

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