What year was Jesus Christ born?


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The letters A D refer to after death therefore the the time between Jesus' birthday and His last day on earth have to be referred to something other than B C which refers to Before Christ and A D refers to after death.

October 25 2014 Report

Data Donna Murray

I'm totally wrong, I thought AD ment after the death

February 01 2015 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

A.D. is short for Anno Domini, whcih means 'In the Year of our Lord'. 'After Death' I think is used as a common nickname, but it was not really meant to reckon from the exact date of Jesus' death.

B.C. is before Christ. It too does not reflect Jesus' exact birthyear, which was likely before this.

This dating system was not created until AD 525, and took a couple centuries to gain widespread use.

I think the point of it was to reflect that all history pivots around Christ coming to Earth in the flesh.

February 01 2015 Report

Data Donna Murray

I think it's awesome. For a world full of unbelief, the proof of our lord is part of our every day life. Praise the Lord.

February 01 2015 Report

Stringio James Fehr

I always thought that BC meant Before Christ and AD meant After Death of Christ

April 28 2018 Report

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