Are faith healers for real? Does a faith healer heal with the same power as Jesus?


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Mini Louise Pretorius


An interesting movie to watch on this topic is called, "A call to Discernment".
There were some interesting things that I noted in studying Jesus's healing. One was that healing of the soul was much more important than physical healing. The first thing that Christ said to the man who was brought to him on a stretcher in Luke 5:20 was, "Man, your sins are forgiven you!". His friends had made a hole in the roof to bring this man to be healed. That was their intention, but Jesus saw the deeper need of the paralytic.

Then in verse 24 Jesus says, "But that you may know that the Son of Man has the [ 2 power of] authority and right on earth to forgive sins, He said to the paralyzed man, I say to you, arise, pick up your litter (stretcher), and go to your own house!" This was to the Pharisees who questioned Jesus in their hearts. In this case of healing Jesus healed a man to show an unbelieving group the power of God to save and forgive us our sins.

When I look at the public blasphemy of these "faith healers", When I see what laughing stock they make Christians to the world, when I see all they want is money. I do not see Christ and his power. I see men driven by their own selfish ambitions, men who are carnal christians. They do not bring glory to God, but instead drag his name in the mud. They have made the temple of God a house of merchandise trading in false healing (John 2).

They will also have to stand before God one day, and His wrath will be great. God loves every one that He has created on this earth. He sees that there are many who are broken and suffering. I cannot say all I want to, but I would strongly advise those who are looking for answers to listen to some of John Lennox's discussions on this topic. I have included a link to one below called "The Loud Absence: Where is God in Suffering?"

May God bless you, and reveal to you his infinite love and care.

March 14 2014 Report

Data Bruce Lyon

What does the Bible say about faith healers?

Nothing.... however the scriptures do say that God by the power of His spirit can give some the gift of healing. Those who had this gift did not use the gift of healing the way so-called faith healing ministries do to-day, not at all!

September 09 2014 Report

20160115 132244 Leila Williams

God can and will use us to lay hands on the sick and it does not require money, you can be healed by prayer of the righteous.

September 10 2014 Report

Stringio Mario Martinez

If you would like to know more about this, I suggest you listen to the sermon from john maccarthur, charismatic chaos and strange fire.

I used to be Pentecostal / charismatic, I am truly thankful I know the truth now. Praise God.

November 13 2014 Report

Image Elle lawrence

Faith healers abound. Oh, how I wish the eloquent statements could be headlines for people to read and understand they are dealing with an arm of Spiritualism.

Indeed, Jesus showed His Deity in the Healings He performed.

We are mere created mortals. No more tarot cards, Zodiac readings, false prophets/healers. But Scripture warns us. (Timothy) "And "In the last days, troublesome times shall come, men shall be lovers of themselves, proud, blasphemous, disobedient, despisers of those that are good, without natural affection, false accusers," etc...

We also are warned that Satan will come with all His "lying wonders" aiming to appear as Christ and appear to do what CHRIST said and did.

How wonderful Scripture says "If you hear of this, do not go, look and see", as Scripture tells us with clarity that on His 2nd coming, His feet will not touch the earth. We will be "called up to meet Him in the air". Praise God.

December 01 2014 Report

Mini Paul Emmer

I have attended my share of "healing" churches, revivals, etc. And yes many suggest a monetary offering will better your chances of receiving your healing. What has puzzled me for years is that Jesus told His followers "These and greater things shall ye do," so if Jesus said it some folks must be indeed true healers. We are reminded to "test the spirits" when encountering anyone who professes to be a healer.

November 15 2019 Report

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