What happened in the Garden of Gethsemane?


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Jesus cried out to "Abba ho pater", Abba, the Father. ABBA is the name a Jewish Son address his Daddy. Jesus revealed that He talked to the Father in Heaven as a much loved Son in a Father-Son relationship. This was the moment of His most anguished time just prior to offering Himself as a sacrifice for mankind's sins, when, in intense agony, His sweat turned to drops of blood (Lk 22:44), and toally submitted His will to ABBA, as fully man.

Similarly, we are expected to submit ourselves totally to Abba's will by rejcting the world to follow Jesus (Mt 4:19, 1 John 2: 15-17). If we totally submit our own will, by obeying Jesus, and agaping Him with all that is within us (Jas 2:8; Lk 1027-28, Jo 14: 23-24) then, and only then will our Father in Heaven call us His sons and daughters (2 Cor 6:17-7:1).

If we do this, then He will adopt us as His children (tekna Ro 8:15), into Abba's household (Heb 3:6), and if we are mature, adopt us as His sons and daughters (huios Gal 4:6). Thus we will have the authority to call the Father ABBA - we will do this naturally.

Meluleki mentions the glory (Greek, 'doxa' Hebrew 'kabod'). The first Adam lost the glory - it left him when he sinned (the Hebrew word is 'ichabod'), that is Alohim's glory no longer clothed him, covered him, so Alohim made Adam and Eve, some clothes, and kicked them out of His presence - holiness cannot abide with sin.

When was this glory regained in man? The answer is on the Day of Pentecost, Shavout, 50 days after the Passover crucifixion, when Theos, Alohim, poured out His HOLY Spirit from heaven into the bodies of the 120 or so disciples (men and women) making them HOLY, to begin the process of sanctification, which is the work of the Holy Spirit within the bodies of the disciples. The prior condition for such an infilling was Repentance, Baptism (being completely covered as in dying and a burial) in Water, in Jesus' name, which was followed by the filling of the Holy Spirit (Baptism in the Holy Spirit - being completed covered and filled in the Holy Spirit so that He controls us, our will!). (Acts 2:38-42). The symbol of this was tongues of fire over each of the 120 or so disciples (Ac 2:1-4) This is Alohim's, Abba's glory come upon the newly created MAN, a new race of heavenly men and women (1 Cor 15: 48) in the order of the second Adam, Jesus the Christ (Ro 5: 8-21, 15:45).

Alohim, created the heavens and the earth, and created Adam & Eve in his own image (Ge 1:27) the supreme act of Creation - but Adam messed it up and changed Fathers from the Creator Alohim to Satan (the adversary, usurper) by sinning. Chinese picture man as losing the "fire" or glory. A man with the "fire" has regained Alohim's glory according to the Chinese language, and this of course is the same as what is pictured for us in Acts 2:1-4.

The purpose of all this is to get us all back into Alohim/Theo/Abba's household so that we can have a beautiful relationship with ABBA, DADDY, now and forever!

We can begin this, if we haven't already, by getting our lives right with DADDY, ABBA.

As Jesus says " I (Jesus) am the way the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me" (Jo 14:6) Our goal must be to be reunited with ABBA, now and in Heaven where Jesus is preparing a place for us!

If we gewt our own lives right then HE, Jesus will become the head of our own homes (oikoi) and take control of all who are in the oikos (household). WE have to let Him have His way, in our lives, in our homes!

We can start by willing this, repenting, and then being determined to spend much more time with our dearly loved ones, so that we can expereince the intimate koinonia (fellowship) which exists between Alohim, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in their home! Their home will be our home!

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