Why do some people feel the Holy Ghost and others don't?


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Mini Donald Angle

The Holy Ghost is not a feeling. Feelings can lie to you. If Holy Ghost was a feeling, you would have him one day and not the next. The Holy Ghost is a fact held up by scriptures. People feel him because they know him. If you only feel him when you're happy, then it's not him it's you. Your spirit's happy and you are mixing up your spirit with the Holy Ghost.

June 23 2017 Report

Mencia and pickle Kayla Evans

I agree with Donald that the Holy Ghost is not a feeling. Also, not all denominations believe in the Holy Ghost even though it is mentioned in the Bible. People have to be open to receive the Holy Ghost, and as long as they stay on the path with God it will be there with them as part of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus obviously), and God the Holy Ghost. Many times the Holy Ghost is evoked when healing is prayed for. God wants us to experience Him in all ways, but, like I said above, it's not always believed or taught, but it doesn't take a church service to receive it, just an open heart and soul. I hope this has helped in some way.

June 24 2017 Report

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