While involved in sin, should a christian be involved in a Bible Study?

For example, if a Christian is involved in an ongoing sin like fornication or addiction, should they continue to go to Bible study?

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I would shun such a person and would stop attending whatever Bible study he or she is attending as I would see it as the other members of the study being okay with his or her hypocrisy. Sins like adultery and fornication, drunkenness, drug addiction, homosexuality are non negotiable.

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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

I would assume that in such an instance, the person would either a) be open with the group about the struggle with the sin, and leaning on the group for accountability (in which case they would not be a hypocrite, as they would be honest with the struggle and seeking help) or b) not tell the group at all and hide it, in which case no one in the group would no about it so as to shun them or think them a hypocrite.

If a church group did discover someone in unrepentant sin (vs. struggling but open to God changing them and to accountability), then in that case the steps of church discipline would come into effect. First one person would meet with them to try and get them to repent, then several, then the church group if they still refuse to repent. They could eventually be kicked out of the church, like the man sleeping with his father's wife in the Corinthian church. If they later repent, the group is to let them back in.

In general, most Christians will face a struggle with a persistent sin at some point. (Gossip, jealousy, lust, gluttony, greed, unforgiveness, bitterness, etc.) It's good to remain where you can fellowship with other believers, be convicted of sin, and get accountability. Other Christians should respond to finding out someone struggles with a sin with helping them to overcome it in Christ - encouragement, accountability, exhortation, etc.

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Mini Lynn Holzinger

I agree with you Jennifer. I remember when I was going through my own struggles with ungodly desires, I abstained from taking communion, but not Bible Study. And it was hard, but I was willing to let God change me. I don't think I was a hypocrite nor anyone who knew what I was going though. It was the love of God and people who were willing to pray for, encourage, challenge, and hold me accountable that finally got me through. God's love is everything!

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