What happened to Moses' staff?


Exodus 4:1 - 3

KJV - 1 And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee. 2 And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

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Signs and wonders have always been the credentials of God's servants. The staff or rod of Moses is a shepherd's crook he used to herd sheep.

Moses was commissioned to use it in all miracles that he would perform. Torah called the rod of Moses later as "the rod of God" because of miracles (Ex. 4:20).

"The rod of God" was significant because it was an instrument of miracles (Ex. 4:2-4,17,20; 7:9-20; 8:5,16-17; 9:23; 10:13; 14:16; 17:5-9; Num. 20:11).

The same rod was later called Aaron's rod later in (Ex. 7:10, Num. 17:10; Heb. 9:4). 

Fifteen Significant Miracles Done with the Rod
1. It became a serpent (Ex. 4:2-3). 
2. It became a rod again (Ex. 4:4). 
3. It became a serpent (Ex. 4:30).
4. It became a rod again (Ex. 4:30). 
5. It became a serpent (Ex. 7:9-10). 
6. It swallowed other rods, i.e. serpents (Ex. 7:12). 
7. Waters became blood (Ex. 7:15-25). 
8. Frogs were created (Ex. 8:5). 
9. Lice were created (Ex. 8:16-17).
10. Hail and fire were produced (Ex. 9:23). 
11. Locusts were created (Ex. 10:13). 
12. The Red Sea was divided (Ex. 14:16). 
13. Water was created (Ex. 17:6). A 
14. military victory (Ex. 17:8-9). 
15. Water was created (Num. 20:8-11).

✿ When Paul mentioned the golden pot of manna and Aaron's rod in Heb. 9:24, he was speaking of the ark while in the tabernacle (Num. 17:10) instead of the temple. 

✿ It seemed to be missing from the ark in the days of Solomon (1Ki. 8:9)

✿ It is not known when these items were removed; it could have been removed when the Philistines had the ark, or when many men were killed for looking into it (1Sam. 5-6). 

✿ It could have been lost when taken by the Philistines (1Sam. 4-7).

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Mini Kenneth Heck
There are many speculations about what has happened to Moses's staff.

The Midrash (a homiletic method of Jewish biblical exegesis) states that the staff was passed down from generation to generation and was in the possession of the Judean kings until the First Temple was destroyed. It is unknown what became of the staff after the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled from the land.

In my opinion, it may have been placed with the Ark of the Covenant when
the Ark was, according to legend, hidden by Jeremiah in an unknown location.

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Mini CC Beasley
I can agree with the statements made. Yes, the Bible does state that the Rod was not with the Arc at King Solomon's dedication of the Temple. But I do differ in that Both Rod's were used. YHWH stated to Moses to tell Aaron to perform because of Moses lack of Confidence in his speech. YHWH did say Moses is GOD (represented) and Aaron was the Prophet. YHWH is not limited as we see things but we understand the significance of the Rod's and the events as a Follower of the Way.

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