How can the Holy Spirit be in everyone at the same time?


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95 1 Jay Saunders

There are corporate and personal manifestations of the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit indwells those that God chooses to indwell.

The bible clearly says many are called but few are chosen. But the bible also says draw near to God and he will draw near to you.

You can not trick God our Heavenly Father. He knows who is seeking him because no one can come to God unless God himself draws them. He reaches out to us then we must choose to except that invitation. Then he himself gives us the power to receive Him when He knows when you want Him and if your motivation is pure.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit manifests as God wills but he chooses whom to give his many gifts and manifestations. We are the Orchestra but the Holy Spirit is the conductor. We must read his word asking the Holy Spirit to teach us the understanding of spiritual things.

The Holy Spirit has been promised to lead and to guide us into all understanding of the scriptures.

God has given us apostles, prophets evangelist, pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints but they are not above the Holy Spirit.

They confirm or deny the instruction of the Holy Spirit so how do we discern truth. Let the Holy Spirit confirm or deny the teaching of our earthly Shepards that may or may not be wolves in sheep's clothing.

The bible clearly says you will know them by their fruit. Love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, meekness, gentleness, patience with self-control.

What people say and what they do should be the same. Leading by example is the proof in the pudding.

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