Can women serve as deacons in the church?


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Data Johnny Crawford

We have so many different congregations today that would say yes woman can, whilst others would completely disagree, and if I was to allow myself to listen to all the different views I would be so confused. We could even use the scripture to back up our own ideas as well. I believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to us today as clearly as then, why do I believe this, I feel Him burn in my heart and I have a relationship with Jesus. Reading the bible and understanding the message, requires us to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us. I believe woman would have been used in those times as deacons/servants, as to what they actually did, is another question. One thing we really need to be mindful of is, we all should follow Jesus and listen to His voice. If the Lord makes it right in my heart then, in all I do I will trust in Him. Romans 14

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Data Danny Hickman

I think it's plain to see that believers have different views about the context of scriptures.

Personally, I don't reckon Paul's directives to the church of his day as rules being laid down by God. Paul said he didn't allow women to do certain things; said they were to keep quiet when the church came together.

There's no way that came from Jesus; those were Paul's instructions to that church.

The scriptures are not rules; If women aren't equal to men in God's society, then there's no reason to wonder why there's so much inequality in our world. I think that’s a major reason for the opinion that if Paul writes it it's law! Inequality is welcomed by many!

Paul is given deity status if you think that whatever he tells the church is as if it came from Jesus. That's not how I study the Word! I think Paul had a good reason for the instructions he gave the church. But his instructions won't work today at the church I attend. If the leadership at the church tried to implement Paul's instructions in the House of Hope Atlanta, it would tear the church up. (they have a female associate pastor).

Anyone thinking the church is out of compliance is free to have their opinion. (The church has thousands of members, and streams to 128 countries. Maybe compliance isn't all there is). Evidently, the pastor and elders of that mega ministry don't think Paul was writing rules that pertain to them. And it hasn't stopped them from baptizing according to the great commission (Matt 28).

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