Is there a massive earthquake that will destroy half of the world in the last days?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
I would say that Revelation 16:18 could possibly be referring to such an earthquake, which is described as one "such as had never been since men were on the earth". There is not a specific reference to half of the world being destroyed, although Revelation 16:19-20 speaks of the cities of the nations falling; every island fleeing away; and no mountains remaining, seemingly indicating that the earthquake's effects will be very widespread.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
From a biblical viewpoint, the word 'earth' appearing in Rev 16:18 doesn't mean our planet. It actually means only the locations where human beings can live perpetually, and where vegetation and animals also live (Gen 1). So it necessarily wouldn't include deserts, the polar regions, swamps, jungles, etc. 

The bible has no word for our planet - the closest we get to is the word 'world' as a translation of various Hebrew and Greek words which can mean anything from inhabited solid ground to all things existing in the universe. Both 'earth and 'world' are different concepts as can be illustrated in Rev. 16:14 where both words are used in one verse (also in Job 37:12).

John in Revelation was writing from the viewpoint of Israel and the coming Kingdom of Heaven. During his lifetime there was no knowledge of the Americas, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, etc. What he saw was what he understood to be the 'earth' at that time.

I believe his vision of the greatest earthquake ever experienced by man is actually centered somewhere in the Middle East and ravages the known kingdoms in that region. The islands of the Mediterranean will disappear and mountains in Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia will also be leveled. There will be consequences of this great earthquake all around the globe, but the verse doesn't mean that half the world will be destroyed.

The great hail which will fall out of heaven at that time (Rev 16:19) may suggest that the great earthquake could be caused by the impact of a large asteroid or comet. The ensuing hail would be part of the debris trailing behind the asteroid.

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