What are the Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib and Post-Trib views of the rapture?


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These are three different positions that believers take towards the Rapture and the Tribulation, and they are all sadly mistaken.

There is a common view among some Christians that there will be a time in the future called the Tribulation when the peoples of the earth will go through a terrible time of distress and that Christians will escape this distressful time by being raptured away from the earth. There are those who believe this rapture happens before the tribulation (pre-trib), some who believe it happens after (post-trib) and those who believe it happens during (mid-trib). Unfortunately all of these views are mistaken and are based on a misunderstanding of Matt 24. 

This chapter in Matthew is set out to explain the difference between two separate events; 1) the time of the temple being destroyed Matt 24:2 and 2) the return of the Lord Jesus Matt 24:3. These happen at two different times but unfortunately the disciples confused the two and Jesus sets out to explain that difference in this discourse. The first happened in AD 70 during the lifetime of the disciples. The second has not yet happened. Here Jesus explains how we can avoid confusing these two. The first event will come slowly and you will see signs of it happening (like a pregnancy, you know the signs when the baby is due) The second will come without warning (like a thief in the night). You can easily distinguish between the two events in this chapter simply by noticing that some events are things the disciples will see for themselves (you will see this, you will see that) while other events they will not see (they will see this - not 'you', but 'they') If you track the way these things are spoken about you will easily distinguish which events are to happen in AD70 with the coming of the Roman army destroying the temple and desecrating it, and the events of the Lords return. They are very different events. The first comes with signs and warnings. The second doesn't come with any signs or any warnings. Not one.

Once you see this you can understand that the tribulation took place in AD 70 and is not an event still to come. That is why all three views pre, post and mid are all misunderstandings and all incorrect. It is difficult for many people to accept this because the views about the Tribulation are so very widespread and many have been taught these things for a long time. And that makes it hard to look at another view objectively and calmly, but if you are able to do that, and put aside pre-conceptions you will be rewarded with a much clearer and simpler view of the last days.

All that is left is for the Lord Jesus to return, that can happen at any moment and there are no signs or warnings to alert you. There is no tribulation, no pre, post, mid rapture; only the return of the Lord.

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