What were the Dark Ages?


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The "Dark Ages" are commonly considered to be the early part of the period known as the Middle Ages. Often the term Dark Ages refers to the initial five hundred years following the fall of Rome in ...

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Lighthouse Frantz Philossaint
The bible does talk about this period of time as we know to be the "Dark Ages". In the book of Daniel chapter 7 it doesn't say the literal words "Dark Ages" but if we study then we can pin point what time period it was. First of all the word "Dark" should imply something. If we read Roman 1: 21 it says " Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened." So we see from scripture what is "darkened" and that is there thoughts and imaginations. Because we know that the scriptures says in Psalms 119:105 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. " The word of God was darkened, people were not allowed to have the word of God or Bibles in there possession. During this time period if you were caught with a bible you would be put in prison or be put to death. Because the word of God gives light.

In Daniel Chapter 7, Daniel had a particular interest in the fourth beast. Read Daniel 7:19, 20. He wanted to know about this little horn beast because in verse 21 it says "..it made war with the saints, and prevailed against them." In verse 28 Daniel says he was troubled and kept the matter in is heart. But there is a time period mention in verse 25 which says "...time and times, and dividing of time." Now this time period is also mentioned in the book of Revelation. (Remember Daniel and Revelation are sister books) Here some verse you can review to see the connection. Rev 13:5,7; Rev 12:,6,14; Dan 12:7. The term time signifies(Dan 4:25,32) 1 year and the term time(s) signifies two years and dividing of time is 1/2 a year. Read Revelation 12:6, 14 these verses are the same and have the same time but in a different way. In prophecy one day equals a year Ezekiel 4:6; Num 14:34 and back then they only used 30 days to a month.

360 days - Time
720 days - Time(s)
180 days - 1/2 time =
1260 days

In prophecy a day equals a year so it's 1260 years. Also forty and two months is 3.5 years which is 1260 days. These are the same

So the question is when did this period start? Well the ten horns are part of the fourth beast and the little horn was to rise to great power (which made war with the saints) after the ten horns and a horn represent kingdoms(Dan 7:24) So we are talking about a kingdom or a political power (nation). These ten horns (nations) are the divisions of the Roman Empire. In Daniel 7:24 it says "...an another shall arise after them...and he shall subdue three kings.". In A.D. 493, the Heruli met their fate with the help of the Emperor Zeno. Another emperor Justinian, exterminated the Vandals in 534 A.D. and then broke the power of the Ostrogoths in 538 A.D. and this is when the dark ages began in 538 A.D. during this time Christians were killed, tortured, thrown into lions den, and even burned alive. The more they killed the more Christianity grew. You had groups like the Puritans, Huguenots, Waldenses, and the Albigenses who were keeping the light of Jesus Christ alive during this period. You might be wondering who was doing this the Roman Catholic church and the bible says it lasted for 1260 years so from 538 to 1798 were the "Dark Ages". And history will be repeated. In the book of Revelation chapter 13 verse 11-18 everyone will be forced to receive a mark and this mark is not a tattoo or chip but it's what you do. Look at the verse again 16,17. If you want to buy something or sell you have to have this mark, it has to do with law. The only way you can force something on someone is through law. If you don't abide by the law there is consequences. It's all about who do you obey (Rom 6:16) God or the commandments of men (Matt 15:9). The bible says we ought to obey God rather then men Acts 5:29. So what is this law? I can only guide you and hopefully the Holy Spirit will reveal it. Because it is really important. Revelation 14:6-12 is something you should study. Need more info please respond. God Bless!

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