What is goodness (fruit of the Holy Spirit)?


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Mini James Kraft

The strange thing is I use to work for a man who claimed to be an atheist. But he exhibited all of these traits. He was kind, generous to a fault, almost always joyful, always looking for ways to help people, and the four years I worked for him, you could almost do no wrong. He displayed all of those gifts of the spirit but was not a believer.

There is a possibility that He was saved but did not know it. At some point in his life he may have believed John 3:16 and got saved. He may not have remembered it.I always thought if I could live up to the way he lived I would be the best believer on earth.

Second Timothy 2:13 says, if we believe not, God is faithful and can not deny himself. So I have no idea whether He was saved or not. He sure did not believe their was an after life. Sometimes you just can not tell.

Anyway, he was the best boss I ever had. I worked for many Christian men after that who were never any where near the level of the atheist.

I remember one time the government sent out a man from wage and hour to question us all. We did not have a time clock. When he got done he made the boss pay us thousands of dollars in back wages. After the boss wrote us the checks, we signed the back and gave them back to him. He was just to good to us to take money we did not feel we deserved.

Sure we came in early some days just because to get things ready for the day, not because we had to. I remember talking to the Lord about it one day. I said if any man ever lived up to this man and we had any merit before God on how we live, this man should be in heaven by how he lived.

But we know that has nothing to do with it. Fruit is not the root. A saved man can live like the devil and be saved, and an unsaved man can live like a Christian and not be saved. That is what I learned from the Lord. How a person lives, their fruit, or works, have nothing to do with whether they are saved or not.

He was a very wealthy man, but if you met him on the street you would not think he had a dime to his name. He always wore overalls where ever he went. I never saw him dressed up.

I know that there were people who owed Him a lot of money, and he just forgave their debt because he knew they could never pay him back anyway.

Hard to understand. Yes. I still do not understand it. Only God knows if the man ever was a believer. Just because he lived like one does not make one a believer. Sad but true. I tried to talk to him about the bible and the truth. But he would not believe it. He believed it was just a book to tell people how to live. Not that there was anymore to it than that.

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