How does the joy that a family experiences together reflect the joy we have withiin the church?


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Mini Matthew Miller

Note: after writing this I came to realize through the Holy Spirit why we attend church! God Bless Dai Joseph for this question!

Great question, the answer could be written many different ways and viewed by others through personal experience. From the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation God relates our relationship with Him as a Father, Mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, husband, and wife. The most recognized relationship with God is the prefect Father who loves agape, gives prefect gifts, never leaves our side, protects, disciplines, judges righteously, convicts the heart, comforts, and leads His children to everlasting love. Family by biological relation and family by no biological relations can have similar experiences within a church setting.

Let us break down the reason God advises us to come together to participate in worship and to serve one another in the church. Genesis 2: 23-25, God created a helpmate for Adam, man and woman are united as one. Romans 12:9-21 receiving the Holy Spirit is uniting us with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as one inside our heart. 1 Peter 3, we as believers in Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit have a desirer to do good, seek peace, and a drive to love. How we act toward our wives, husbands, children, mother, father, brother, and sisters are similar actions in church. The home life should be like church and church life should be brought into the home life.

Dai Joseph, your question is helping many right now understand the importance attending church and how to bring the church life back into the home. The love we have for our families needs direction by God, church provides a guideline which will produce a happy, peaceful, and everlasting love in the home. Where will we ever learn how to seek peace, protection, and how to love our families outside church? From the news, from movies, from work, or from other source outside church, NO! Every form of activities outside church is to keep you from church!

What we as followers of Jesus Christ our Savior who sacrificed His body to defeat the inherited sin nature born inside all mankind will be wiped away. We are born again cleansed from sin to enter everlasting life. We learn this by the action of others, convicting our heart which brings the desirer to find true happiness. We are not able to forgive ourselves, we cannot save ourselves, we have no ability to save anyone, only the love of God and our realization to the sin within us will God show the way, truth, and His light upon our sin.

Thank you for posting this question Dai Joseph, you made me realize the importance of church attendance, my children want to go to church and I have failed many times letting them down. Your question is the reason families last a lifetime serving God. God Bless and I thank the Lord for your question.

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