Why were none of the second and possibly third generation Jews that were born after the Exodus not circumcised?

The Fathers of Israel were all circumcised as were the Jews who left Israel. Moses, Aaron and Joshua were all circumcised and were there the entire 40 years. If they understood the value and importance of circumcision why were none of the Jewish men who were born in the desert cicrumsised?

Joshua 5:2 - 8

NLT - 2 At that time the Lord told Joshua, “Make flint knives and circumcise this second generation of Israelites. ” 3 So Joshua made flint knives and circumcised the entire male population of Israel at Gibeath-haaraloth.

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What an awesome question! I can only answer it from a natural standpoint as I have never heard teaching on this. The Children of Israel were traveling. From one day to the next, they did not know if they would be walking or keeping camp.

Circumcision is performed on the eighth day. (Lev 12:3) From the time a child is born until the eighth day, how many miles could be traveled? From the eighth day until a child heals from circumcision how many miles could be traveled? Possible infection, loss of blood from the constant movement, having to deal with the additional bloody clothes that would need sanitation, combined with the stress of being a new mother that was constantly traveling, I can understand why this practice was suspended.

Consider again, there were 600,000 men (age 20 and above) that left Egypt, this did not count the women and children. Rough estimates place approximately 3 1/2 million persons left Egypt that night. Assuming that God stopped the process every time a male child was born, waiting for circumcision and the healing of it, they might still be in the Wilderness never reaching Cannan's Land.

Of course, this is thinking in the natural. I wonder how many children were born as our forefathers came across the United States? How many were circumcised and then traveled the next day? I wouldn't think many. The bloody cloths would be wolves venue. Certainly sure signs for any enemy that woman and children were on board.

As I stated, I am positive there are many beautiful spiritual Truths that are waiting to be explored on this subject. I have not yet heard them taught nor have they been personally revealed to me. Until such a time, I am relying on the natural reasoning and asking God to reveal His Word to my heart.
(Isa 1:18)

Be Blessed,

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