Should a Christian wife submit to an unsaved, non-believing husband who does not know how to love his wife as Christ loves the church?

I am a fairly young newlywed. I agree that wives should submit to their husbands within the context in which it was originally intended. What about wives submitting to unsaved, non believers who can't love them the way Christ loves the church?

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Stringio Helena Jones

I also agree with Kelli, you are his hope to make it to Christ. If you continue to conduct yourself as a good ambassador for Christ, continue to pray, and keep God's command on you as a wife, which is submission to your husband, God will hear your prayers and your own behavior could influence your husband to turn to God and do right by you. It is vital that you continue to respect your husband as your head! I recommend Karen and Jimmy Evans, Christian marriage ministers, they were in a similar situation and now he is saved and teaching! Amen

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