What scripture(s) speak on why God made people with different skin color?


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Stringio Hanno Visagie

Cultural diversity:- The Lord has determined boundaries between nations and cultural groups, and He expects us to honour them (Acts 17:26). That is a continuation of the confusion of tongues which occurred during the building of the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:5-8). It was wrong in the eyes of the Lord that the Babylonians were building a world state with only one official language, so He gave every group their own language. They consequently dispersed and each settled in their own territory under their own government. This was the beginning of different cultural groups among the nations. The recognition of cultural diversity is the only basis for healthy relations among nations. In our commission to evangelise the world we are sent to every people and tongue so that each group should preferably be evangelised in their own language. In the end-time, under the instigation of Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet, a world empire will be established with only one government, one religion and one economic system (Rev. 13:1-18). The emerging new world order expressed itself in favour of a system of global control. That will be a serious infringement of God’s order of independent and self-determining nations, and for that reason the Lord Jesus will, at His second coming, destroy the evil lifestyle, holistic social order and satanic empire of the Antichrist. http://www.bibleguidance.co.za/Engarticles/Fundamentalism.htm

Social identity:- As the Creator of human beings, God also

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Stringio Hanno Visagie

Social identity:- As the Creator of human beings, God also laid down rules for social identity and the formation of groups to ensure the orderly functioning of society. The most important of these is the family unit which God has ordained to be the very bed-rock of ordered, disciplined, well-adjusted, happy, stable societies and nations. Satan relentlessly attacks these institutions in an effort to sow disorder and chaos.
Cultural differences among various societies and nations are also minimised by superimposing universally acceptable trends and institutions on groups with a strong sense of identity – the aim being to erode their patriotism and transform their members into planetary citizens. These reforms, through which national and ethnic identity are discouraged, form the basis of the neo-Babylonian world society of the future. In that society, any ideology may be subscribed to, any religion may be practised, any type of marriage may be practised (e.g. same sex) or none, and no moral norms are enforced. When this stage has been reached in the demonic war against God’s standards for individuals, groups, and nations, Satan will have achieved his objective of creating cultural chaos and loss of identity among human beings. http://www.bibleguidance.co.za/Engbooks/Kingdom%20Of%20Satan/Satankingdom.2.htm

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Data Ursula S Monroe

To Ruth Pistole: I love your thought process! So simple but so profound and full of practicality. Why not? God would do just that after all He created the different colored sands and He created them first! Science is definitely melded into creation so I think you hit the nail on the head with that question! Bravo!!

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