What Bible translation is closest to the original written scriptures?


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Mini Debbie Armstrong

Does anyone see a connection between Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 25:26. I don’t want to state any revelation I have had, although I would like others insight. Please Read Genesis 25 starting with verse 19, to get a full textual consideration.

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Mini Kathleen Lauretano

I can't resist replying although you posted your query over a year ago. I read Gen. 3:15 and Genesis 26:19-26. At first I did not see any connection but then found the definitions of the names Esau (In Hebrew: "Hairy") and Jacob (In Hebrew: "He grasps the heel" plus an idiom for "He deceives.") It seems to be a clear connection to God's curse on the snake that deceived Eve into eating the apple in the Garden of Eden.

The snake represents Satan, the ultimate liar and deceiver. If you have continued to read the life of Jacob you would note that he always had a problem with lying and deceitfulness, as if often succumbing to the temptations of Satan. That he was born grasping his brother's heel would appear to portend that Esau would be a problem standing in his way through life, or hold position before Jacob, crushing his head down from assuming kingly power and position. Plus Esau seems like he was not so much of a grasping, envious, conniving sort, so he's the man crushing the serpents head, so-to-speak. But the serpent (Jacob) sunk its fangs into his heel (grasped Esau's heel) and eventually outmaneuvered Esau so that Jacob became king. Fascinating foreboding of what the lives of the two brothers would be.

Very interesting points Debbie. There is so much to understand reading the Word, layers upon layers of meaning to be found. Thank goodness Jewish and Christian scholars over 2000 years figured so much of this so we have much assistance to understanding.

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